The Weekly News, May 20th 2006
National weekly newspaper
[David's] psychic entertainment shows are as varied as they are fun, and never cease to amaze those who witness them.

Fest Newspaper, August 5th 2005
Transfixing, fun and scary.

Drew McAdam, August 4th 2006
Brilliant, mate. F**king brilliant. Enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks for a great evening.

Simon H Bailey
Of all the ghost tours I've taken in Edinburgh, this was by far the best.

Stuart Collier
Fantastic! I would strongly recommend this to any visitor to Edinburgh.

Foxy Rouge
The most incredible mind reader.

Sage Andress
One of the highlights of our trip to Scotland.

Paula & Jodie
Phoenix Paranormal
Well worth driving all the way from Wales for!

Helen Emptage
I am still amazed what happened that night. It's a fantastic experience, one we will never forget. Scared? YES!!!!!!!!!

Caroline West
Spine-tinglingly spooky, incredibly entertaining, and the best way end to my visit to Edinburgh.

Karen Laski
A highlight of my trip to Edinburgh!

I would do it again and again and again! This guy scared me to death!

Greg < name witheld >
You *******, I've not been so scared in a long time!!!!

Simon Houltby
Great skills as a speaker and presenter.

Awesome with a capital 'Awe'!

Extremely smart, cute and funny, an experience we won't forget.

Susan Swan
President Scottish Astrological Association
Excellent show. I think the Association were very impressed at the entertainment tonight for our Saturn Return.

Christine Gear
Excellent entertainment. Genuinely astonishing. Plenty of variety and audience involvement.

Alison & Steve Livingston
A very enjoyable show. When we see you at the Festival we can say we saw you before you were (more) famous!
Intriguing and Mysterious.
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