Robert Potter of The Weekly News has written an article about me and my abilities.I will add the text here soon...

I got a 4 star review from Fest newspaper which covers events in the Edinburgh Festival. I'll put up the full review soon, It can be found by searching on the Fest website in the meantime.

I begin my new regular gig as Tour Guide for the City of the Dead graveyard tour, taking innocent members of the public into Scotland's most haunted area. People regularly experience the paranormal on my tour. Book your tour at the City of the Dead Website - be sure to ask for me! Are you brave enough?

Another evening of Mindreading and Magick with Kevin Price and Colin McLeod at Blackfriar's, Glasgow. An intimate affair with a smaller audience who all participated enthusiastically!

A performance of Mindreading, Magick and Séance with Kevin Price and Colin McLeod at the 13th Note Rock Cafe, Glasgow. The performances were well received by our first West-coast audience.

Unfortunately, we had to cancel our Hallowe'en Séance at the last minute due to technical difficulties. Our apologies to the audience who turned up and free tickets to our next show! Instead we surprised revellers with an impromptu demonstration of Mindreading as we toured a number of Edinburgh Clubs and Bars - a special thanks to Nektar, Cowgate, Edinburgh for putting up with us!

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I host a séance at Nicol Edwards, Niddry Street, Edinburgh. The night goes well with great performances by Kevin Price and Colin McLeod. The séance went well, but unfortunately an uninvited spirit disrupted proceedings a little. I'm booked to perform again on Hallowe'en night at the same venue.

Our first night of thoughtreading, magick and séance at Nicol Edwards. It was a great success with lots of positive comments afterwards. We are invited back for next month.

09.08.04 - 20.08.04
I perform in the 10 evening run of the 'Full Flavour Experience' at Costa Coffee, Hanover street Edinburgh during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. A mix of magic and thought reading by David Lesault, Peter Arcane, Lewis Barlow, Tim Edie and Paul Pacitti.

Strolling psychic entertainment for the Scottish Network of Business Psychologists at the Royal Over Seas League, Edinburgh

Table side psychic entertainment for the Psymmetry Christmas dinner at The Grove Hotel, Hertfordshire

Peter Arcane and I are invited back to the Scottish Astrological Association to provide entertainment for their Christmas Party.

Strolling psychic entertainment for YSC and The Royal Bank of Scotland at Valvona & Crolla, Edinburgh.

Stage performance for an audience of 130 at The Pleasance, Edinburgh.

I debut my two person show with Peter Arcane for the Scottish Astrological Association at their Saturn Return party in Edinburgh.

17.08.02 - 18.08.02
The first performance of the 'Hellish Nell' séance at Falkland Palace, Fife as part of the first Palace of Magic Extravaganza hosted by The National trust for Scotland.
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